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About us

Gilles Soucy, a visionary, businessman and innovator rolled into one, founded the Soucy Group in 1967. This snowmobile and mechanics enthusiast commercialized his first tracks and snowmobile parts in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. Over the years, the company expanded, diversified and created alliances with many partners.

Diversified expertise

Today, the Soucy Group is the ideal one-stop shopping solution for the design and manufacturing of varied components for major manufacturers of recreational, industrial, agricultural and defense vehicles. The Soucy Group operates in many sectors, such as: wind power, transportation, railway, mining, sports, forestry, oil, natural gas and protection (equipment). No matter your industrial sector, we will design the custom parts you need. The Group is divided in 12 distinct subsidiaries: Soucy Baron, Soucy Belgen, Soucy Belgen Sainte-Claire, SoucyCaoutchouc, Soucy Composites, Soucy International, Soucy Plastiques, SoucyRivalair, Soucy Techno, Soucy USA, Shanghai Soucy Rubber and Kimpex!

Evolving leader

Offering turnkey and made-to-measure services, the company is a mix of expertise in design and manufacture of rubber, metal, polyurethane, plastic and cast iron parts. Known as an innovative, versatile leader in its field, the company specializes, among others, in the design, machining, rubber overmoulding, UHMW direct compression moulding and padding. From the beginning until today, Soucy has established partnerships with many major, world-renown clients.

Core values

Though each company has developed its own expertise, Soucy Group subsidiaries share common values such as respect, innovation, teamwork, customer focus and commitment towards excellence. The multidisciplinary teams collaborate to offer to their clients unique solutions to complex problems, often while respecting very tight deadlines. In order to always meet consumers' high expectations, the Group's professionals are committed to deliver high-quality products complying with strict regulations and quality criteria.


Rubber tracks and accessories for recreational vehicles


Rubber tracks and accessories for defense vehicles


Rubber tracks and accessories for industrial vehicles

Soucy Track S-TECH800

Rubber tracks and accessories for agricultural vehicles

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