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Engineering careers

Are you a creative, curious and self-reliant engineer? Whether you are beginning your career or have extensive experience, the Soucy Group offers a variety of engineering positions. These permanent, full-time jobs place the key emphasis on collaboration. Share your innovative ideas, contribute to project management & improvement and undertake performance monitoring. Develop your leadership and communication skills within a Quebec-based company pursuing international growth.

Pushing your limits is part of your job description

A career in industrial or mechanical engineering within the Soucy Group implies overcoming various challenges. Are you passionate about your work and wish to advance in your field? The Soucy Group offers you the challenge you have been looking for.

Follow the evolution of your products from design to completion, when they are launched on the market. At the Soucy Group, you are part of a company where decisions are made locally and  in which you participate actively.

Nicolas Bouchard-Fortin - Ingénierie
Nicolas Bouchard-Fortin
Chief Project Manager - Helmet, Kimpex

" Upon my arrival, I quickly realized that I was part of a team of enthusiasts! Assistance and commitment to excellence are well present values, making it easy to integrate to the work environment and challenging."


You are the candidate we are looking for

With an ambitious and resourceful personality, you have a manual skills that complement your intellectual curiosity. You like to take charge of your projects with leadership and initiative. If you travel abroad to meet clients or undertake technical tests, your quick thinking and judgement will be of great value. We are looking for employees who:

  • Are organized
  • Are able to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Enjoy customer interaction
  • Adapt easily to different environments
  • Are motivated to meet clients' needs

The Soucy Group is the employer you are looking for

Beyond the various challenges offered, you will find a friendly environment centered on team work and collaboration. Since trust is a key value for us, you will have responsibilities on par with your ambition. The Soucy Group offers many benefits, such as:

  • Competitive salary packages
  • Flexible schedules
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Movement among subsidiaries
  • Continuous training

Together stronger

Our expertise, shared among all the Soucy subsidiaries, allow you to witness tangible results. You will participate in various projects involving different technologies among work teams. Since collaboration is at the heart of each project, you will quickly develop a sense of belonging among your teammates. Movement is also supported within the Soucy Group: we advocate the pursue of innovation and professional learning among subsidiaries.

Ingenierie Soucy

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