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Soucy: Well Represented at the “Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie”

June 10, 2016
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The initial idea of forming a team Soucy for this important funds raising event came from Steve Fréchette, OEM program leader at Soucy International inc., Track Systems, Parts and Accessories. As the number of teams is limited to 200 by edition, places are almost impossible to obtain. Wishing to promote the name Soucy during the event, he decided in November to form a group of employees with various levels of experience, a common strong passion for the sport and who would participate to the GDPL for the first time. Yves St-Pierre, François Soucy, Julie Tremblay and Jasmin Villeneuve did not hesitate to embark on the adventure when Steve asked them to join him. There was only an RV driver missing to complete the team, follow them and give them the necessary technical support; a role accepted by his colleague, Pascal Lafrenière.

After a winter of indoor training and "spinning", the five cyclists now complete their final preparation on the road. They aimed at a goal of 1000 to 1500 km of training before the big departure, at a pace of at least 3 to 4 weekly sessions. This preparation is crucial, as they will have to ride 24 hours a day during the 4 days of the race taking turns at defined waypoints. During the day, teammates will take turns by group of two and at night, a single cyclist will ride in the light of his or her headlamp. Also, during their break, one of them will get behind the wheel of the recreational vehicle to let Pascal rest a little.

Except for the departure and the arrival of the challenge, the team will proudly be wearing Soucy’s colours through sponsored clothes. Their other partners/sponsors helped to gather the amount necessary to their registration and over $5000 that will be offered to the primary school Saint-Etienne in Drummondville under a sponsorship program. In addition to offering their donation, the six members of the Soucy team committed themselves to act as ambassadors for the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie by participating in activities with the students. We congratulate each of them in advance for their achievement and for their beautiful involvement.