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Online Recruitment: How to Adapt Your Job Search?

May 28, 2020
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Recrutement à distance : comment adapter sa recherche d’emploi ?

With the COVID-19 crisis, were you thinking of putting your job search on hold? Make no mistake: a lot of employers have just as many, if not more, jobs to fill. You simply need to adapt your search to the new reality of online recruitment!

1. Widen your geographic area when applying for jobs

If you are interested in a company located far from your home, now is the perfect time to give it a try! Since the majority of teams now work remotely, that company may be open to offering you the position despite your geographic location. If it’s the case, don’t forget to ask about its teleworking policy.

2. Opt for businesses that are actively looking for employees

In this time of pandemic, many businesses have had to close or to reduce their workforce. Others find themselves in the opposite situation and are in great need of employees. By opting for companies operating in essential sectors, you are sure to apply for positions that have to be filled quickly.

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3. Prepare for an online interview

One of the major differences in a long-distance job search is the shift from face-to-face interviews to online interviews. Although it looks a lot like a normal interview, here are some useful tips.

  • Find out which platform will be used for the online interview and try it out.
  • Before the interview, also test your internet connection as well as your computer camera and microphone.
  • Consider a backup plan in case the online platform doesn’t work. For example, have the recruiter’s phone number on hand to reach him/her easily.
  • Pay special attention to your background as well as the lighting. Poor lighting may prevent the recruiter from seeing you clearly.
  • Dress professionally, as you would in a face-to-face interview. Even if your pajama bottoms cannot be seen on camera, you will feel much more confident wearing proper pants.
  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted or disturbed during the job interview.

If you experience technical problems during the interview (slow internet connection, poor sound quality), do not worry about it. Technology can be unpredictable! Do your best and above all, stay yourself.

To create a bond easily with the recruiter, which is more difficult in videoconferencing, don’t hesitate to use humor.

4. Promote your teleworking skills

If you are applying for a remote job, share your technological skills during the interview. You can talk about your previous experiences with teleworking or the collaborative tools you’ve used in the past. For example, at Soucy, our employees use Microsoft Teams to facilitate remote work. Candidates who are familiar with these platforms have an edge.

Don’t hesitate to find out about the new realities of remote work. Does the company continue to organize team-building activities? At Soucy, our teams still meet during virtual happy hour to keep in touch.

You can also ask questions about job expectations and methods of evaluating performance when working from home.

5. Ask about the next steps of online recruitment process

At the end of the interview, ask the recruiter what the next steps in the online recruitment process are. The recruiter could arrange more than one remote meeting to get to know you better. In fact, if you are hired, you will also have to attend welcome and information sessions online to quickly integrate your team despite the distance.

With these few tips in mind, you can easily adapt your job search to remote hiring methods.

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